Collective Worship

As a Catholic School, we consider the teaching and practice of the Catholic faith to be very important.  As well as being taught during lessons, it is practised regularly and frequently in all other aspects of school life.

We are a diverse community, welcoming those of all faiths and none. Our message for all is the same; to live and love each other as we have been taught through the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe that every child is unique and by working together we can help your child to thrive in the primary years.

 We consider our diversity a strength of the school, embracing tolerance and acceptance, while teaching our children how to live in a multi-faith, multicultural society.

​We aim to provide a high standard of academic achievement, in an environment which upholds firm moral and Catholic values. We also want our children to develop independence and responsibility. We want our children to feel happy, safe and secure. The atmosphere at school reflects this, with a relaxed and caring environment in which children can learn effectively. Pupils and staff are encouraged to reach their full potential, in faith and learning, in a nurturing, stimulating and rewarding environment.