Nursery – Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to St Mary’s Nursery page.  We are your Nursery team: Miss Park, Mrs Hayes and Miss Shevlane.

Miss Park enjoys baking, reading and being outdoors. Miss Park has a passion for outdoor learning and is ‘Forest School’ trained. Be prepared to get messy and have lots of outdoor fun!

Mrs Hayes enjoys reading, going on nature walks with her family and listening to music.  As well as being a Foundation Stage teacher, she is also the music leader for the school.  She loves to sing, play music and dance.  We always have lots of musical fun in the Foundation Stage.

Miss Shevlane enjoys spending time with her children, reading and relaxing. When at school Miss Shevlane runs ‘Talk Boost’ interventions and has a passion for helping children develop their communication and language skills.

We know you will enjoy being part of the nursery and making new friends is part of a day’s work!

Find out what we will learn in Nursery here

Nursery F1 Curriculum Overview